Sunday, December 12, 2004

Copernic Desktop Search

Here is a Slashdot post I went to the trouble of composing. Copernic Search is pretty good and here is why:

Advantages of Copernic:

1. Google desktop search is strictly not for commercial use (For commercial use, you need to buy a Google appliance) (I wrote to them to find out if this prohibits any use in a commercial setting such as on an employer's computer and they did not reply)
2. Google desktop search does not index PDF files
3. Google desktop search does not do partial word matches (huge disadvantage when you have filenames which are just concatenated words with no spaces)
4. In GDS, you get to exclude folder that you do not want to index, in Copernic, you get to include folders that you want to index. I prefer the "index only when asked to do so explicitly" option.
5. GDS will not index mapped network drives except for files that you actually open and use after installing GDS
6. Unlike GDS, Copernic will index outlook email attachments also
7. Copernic gives a real time preview of the matched area as you highlight each search result line

I am sure GDS will be a great tool someday. For now, Copernic offers better options. And now that GDS is here, Copernic is free! Competition is always good for the end user!


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Cool Google tools

Google Suggest Beta
As you type words into the search box, Google drops down a list of what it thinks you want to search for based on previous searches and shows you how many search results are available for each phrase

Google Desktop Search
Let Google index your desktop computer and let you search all the documents that are locally stored on your computer. (Google will probably be the best some day, but for now, Copernic Desktop Search seems to work better. Get it at

Google Alerts
Use Google alerts to get a daily email of new sites and updated pages on the internet indexed by Google based on keywords that you chose.

Google Personalized
Create a profile and have all your Google searches tailored to your profile preferences.

Google SMS
Search Google from your cell phone.

Google Scholar
Search academic literature including peer reviewed papers in journals.