Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Disposable Phone Numbers - Dumb Little Man

Free Disposable Phone Numbers - Dumb Little Man: "Anonymity
Talk without sharing your real number!
Get a numbr in 23 cities in the US, and forward calls to any landline or mobile phone numbers

Disposable numbers
Set your numbr to expire in an hour, day, week or month. Additionally, you can expire your numbr before your opted limit. Say, if you sell your item in three days, why keep a numbr for a week?

24x7 Reachability
Inbound calls to your numbr will be forwarded to your first phone, and then to your second optional phone. If you are unavailable on both phone numbers, the caller can record a voice-mail, which will be sent to you on your e-mail. In all,
you can be reachable on your numbr for all calls - unless you have chosen to block off certain numbers, or the caller was a known telemarketer

Call-to-get™ numbr
You don't have to be on-line to get a numbr! In a bar and need one? Simply call: (415) 234-5678 and get a numbr!
Share that number with anyone. Calls to your numbr will be forwarded to the number you used to call from .. so, make sure you call from your mobile :)

If you want to check this out, visit"

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Doodle: Scheduling meetings

Doodle: Scheduling meetings: "Doodle is a web-based tool to find suitable dates for appointments with other people. No authentication or registration is necessary. This makes Doodle particularly useful for people who do not use one common calendar or groupware system. Doodle can be used to find dates for meetings, dinners, cinema, events, and so on."