Saturday, December 08, 2007

United States Patent Application: 0070260730 Inventor: Adi Gadwale

United States Patent Application: 0070260730:

"Automatically updated instant messaging (IM) presence of roaming IM user

Abstract: Constant availability and/or presence information of a roaming Instant Messaging (IM) user is provided. The invention recognizes that IM users are not always sitting at their computer where their IM client application is installed. Detection of an unrelated short-range wireless communication device, e.g., a Bluetooth cell phone, or an RFID, carried on the body of the IM user, is accomplished by other, local or guest computers, and reported as presence changes for that particular IM user to an IM server, that logs that IM user's presence in a suitable IM user presence database. Thus, a status or presence change is automatically updated in an IM server or other relevant IM application when a roaming IM user is in a vicinity of a guest computer at a different location."

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