Saturday, March 27, 2010

Linux Live CD as a secure client machine for remote connectivity

To minimize chances that a compromised remote machine might connect to a secure network, I have toyed with the option of a secure virtual machine as a VPN client. This is another, similar approach to securing a network from potentially compromised remote hardware.

Can Ubuntu save online banking? - Computerworld Blogs: "CNL [Bank] is seriously considering making available free Ubuntu Linux bootable 'live CD' discs in its branches and by mail. The discs would boot up Linux run Firefox and be configured to go directly to CNL Bank s Web site. 'Everything you need to do will be sandboxed within that CD ' he says. That should protect customers from increasingly common drive-by downloads and other vectors for malicious code that may infect and lurk on PCs waiting to steal the user account names passwords and challenge questions normally required to access online banking. A bootable CD works because it s isolated from the host PC environment. Malware on the host can t touch it - and any malware picked up when running from the CD-ROM goes away once the CD is ejected. 'When you eject the CD you have removed everything off the machine ' McLaughlin [a Certified Information Security Professional and CIO of CNL Bank] says."


George Y said...

I happened to see this on your blog. I've been playing around with OpenSUSE 11.2 recently. It's live CD image actually works on a USB drive. So it's another twist. I'm using OpenSUSE because the latest Ubuntu build does not like my OLD PC.
So far, 11.2 is pretty good.

Aryan said...

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